Yonex Vcore Pro 100 2020

In the Yonex universe, VCore Pro is the absolute Top for feel. by the way, the line is composed by a lot of rackets, everyone different from the others and with its own identity, like VCore Pro 97 HG, the powerful mass-mosnter, VCore Pro 97 HD, the most precise one, or VCore Pro 97 G da 310 grammi, which plays silimar to the HG, but with less power and more speed, and we have the little VCore Pro 97 LG 290 grams, little but really interesting. Then VCore Pro 100 comes, with its 300 grams (there is also a 280 version) e the 100 inches head, that goes a little away from VCore Pro standard, but is a nice crossover, not too heavy, with classic beam and a good-feeling oriented.

Vcore Pro 100 Yonex

Headsize 100 inch2
Weight 300 g
String pattern 16×19
Balance point 320 mm
Swingweight  324 kgcmq (strung)
Stifneess rating 65 RA
Beam 21 mm
Lenght 68.6 cm

The aesthetics of the VCore Pro 100 takes up that of the rest of the Line, very personal and stylish, especially because, after some chromatic attempts, Yonex has succeeded to find a color and a finish that immediately identify the frame, even remotely. The Japanese company has in fact chosen a livery halfway between
dark green and petrol blue, which changes according to the exposure to light, with a play of colors that enlivens the paintjob and that makes it all very modern, also considering the graphics inspired by quantum physics diagrams, made in lighter, almost fluorescent green. The paint is rubber-touch, very pleasant to the touch and useful for holding the support hand, but it is especially a rich finish, made even more beautiful by the color serigraphs
gold, which stand out on the frame and allow the frame to be recognized among many. The frame shapes are slightly different than the 97-inch sisters, with a heart shorter than a few millimeters and shoulders slightly wider. The triangulation of the stems is also slightly more open. However, we talk about very difficult differences to notice, as well as the profile from 21
millimeters and not 20 millimeters, so much so that during the test I checked very often that I didn’t take 97 by mistake. As with the other VCore Pros, both the throat and the grafting of the stems to the handle are monolithic, without flaring, a testify to the greater predisposition to solidity desired by Yonex. To the
bottom, then, we find the Yonex Synthetic Grip, thin and feeling-oriented, while below there is the green butt-cap with the Yonex logo and “Made in Japan” in plain sight.

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