Yonex VCore 98 2021

The VCore line by Yonex reaches its sixth generation and adds technical contents that undoubtedly give greater identity than the previous edition. Additionally, Yonex steps hard on the technology accelerator and manages to create new frames which are aggressive in performance whilst very functional in terms of comfort. A significant change and new definition, which is common to all the new models but mostly perceptible on the VCore 98 frame, which makes a significant leap in quality and jumps to the top of the 98 inch / 305 gr rackets ranking, precisely by virtue of a very solid and convincing, with more personality in terms of power and rotations.

vcore 98

Headsize 98 inch2 Weight 305 g String pattern 16 × 19 Balance 315 mm Swingweight (strung) 324 kgcmq Stiffness 66 RA Profile 22.5 – 23 – 21 mm Length 68.6 cm

Look The new VCore-98 restarts from the historic red, a typical colour of the line, but with more emphasis of the serigraphy and shades of colour. Along with a bright red, a darker shade of red also appears, forming an asymmetrical aesthetic, with one fading into the other obliquely. In reality, it is the darker red to be the predominant colour, which leaves room for the lighter variant on one of the stems and continues on the oval, together with the new insert in metallic blue, which follows an ideal line from a stem and rises up to the head . The main serigraphs, then, are made in silver, on the stems under the head, while at 3 and 9 o’clockinside the plate, there is the “VCore” printing in metallic blue and “Yonex” on the opposite side, in light red on a dark base. It goes without saying that this is a head with isometric technology, while it is worth noting the presence of several modifications to increase the racket speed through air, such as Aero Trench and Aero Fin, which create small fins on the head, together with the major groove, inside the plate, as well as ribs at shoulder height. Not only that, because Yonex has reduced the front portion by 2%, while it has strengthened the stems, goingfrom 21.5 to 22.5mm, well concealed by the tapered section. In addition, the VDM system as reported in the specifications inside the stems also enters the VCore line, together with the evolution of the NAMD that now becomes 2G-NAMD Flex Force, to strenghten the response of the frame. Finally, going down to the handle, no surprise, with the usual Yonex shape, more squared, a very sensitive grip, and the green cap, with mouse-trap embellished with the chrome Yonex logo. For awareness, VCore rackets are entirely ‘Made in Japan”, in line with most Yonex frames.

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