Wilson Ultra 100 V3

Wilson presents his new flagship profiled racquet, Ultra 100 renewed keeping high power and control that have always have distinguished it. Ultra, coming from the ashes of Pro One, reaches its third edition and, after a version 2.0 with the Countervail, in which feeling was not so good at all, returns to the simplicity of the materials in the new edition. Let’s get to know Wilson Ultra V3 closely.

Ultra 100 V3

Head size: 100 inch2 Weight: 300g Balance point: 320 mm Swingweight: 322 String Pattern: 16×19 Stiff Rating: 71 RA Beam: 22-26-24 mm Lenght: 68.6 cm

Paintjob and shapes. Ultra 100 V3 is released with DNA design, introduced for the first time with Blade V6, in a two-tone version, and updated with Clash to the 2.0 edition, but now is proposed with a three-toned paintjob. Ultra, however, reintroduces a different aesthetic element, the glossy paint and, at the moment, it is the only one line of Wilson stcks. From the blue and light blue of the previous version, Wilson switches to black, silver and blue. Black is for the heart of the frame, silver for the centre of the hoop, and blue for the head, to create a neon effect that the company is getting used to for each racquet. There is no Countervail, so even the prints are reduced to the necessary, everything is clean and tidy, with the usual two elements on the two stems, Wilson in blue on one and Ultra 3.0 laser-cut on the other. But it is above all the structure of the frame that, however similar to the ancestor, is totally new, all redesigned around a concept of profile evolution to increase playability and stability. The section of the frame becomes thicker on the plate, but the shape also varies, has a rather complex geometric shape, with 9 sides in the at 3 and 9 o’clock position, where the new PWS, the stabilization through the two lateral masses, is now open in the center and allows the strings to pass through it, for a greater extension of 3.5 mm of the central horizontal ropes. Practically, there is now a deep channel, in the middle of the PWS, which protrudes less and is more extensive on the hoop. The throat is totally redesigned in a more angular way, with an almost triangular section of the stems, which extends up to the handle. This part of the frame is very similar to Clash one, from which several elements of Ultra V3 certainly arrive, but on Ultra the throat is wider and the stems more opened. Going to the handle, then, on the usual Wilson handle type, with the more rounded butt-cap and the beautiful red cap, comes a new standard grip, all smooth and slightly thicker than the previous Sublime.

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