Wilson Blade V7 18×20

Blade is a racket that needs no introduction. The most loved and sold in the classic rackets range, because it has always attracted the attention with performances and personality, which have made it a real myth. The first born with the name Blade, was in the 18 × 20 version, precisely because the stick is synonymous with control and sensation, but over time the line has seen a large expansion, with the arrival of the “Tour” version, then disappearance, and subsequently of Blade 104 and Blade 16 × 19, together with other versions more suitable for the amateur. In all its top line versions Blade is a real competitive stick, something to turn to for a true, pure and performance frame. Despite this basic imprint, Wilson in recent years has tried to give different interpretations on the Blade theme, each with a slightly different character than the previous one. In its seventh edition, Blade 98 V7 18 × 20 detaches itself from its sister Blade 98 V7 16 × 19 and places itself on another level of performance. Therefore, no more as direct alternatives, but two different sticks intended for a rather different audience. Let’s find out why!

Wilson Blade v7 18x20
Wilson Blade v7 18×20

Head size:  98 inch2 Weight: 305 g Balance: 325 mm Swing-weight: 334 String pattern: 18 × 20 Stiffness: 60 RA (detected) Profile: 20.6 mm constant Length: 68.6 cm

The aesthetics of Wilson Blade V7 18×20 is the result of the evolution of the DNA concept already expressed by the Chicago laboratories with the Clash model; but Blade has characterized by fluorescent green, a colour that immediately identifies the racket in the Wilson range and not just. No more two bands of colour, but three: with black for the stems, medium grey for the central band of the hoop and green for the head. The real aesthetic innovation is that Wilson leaves totally the glossy and now the stick is all rubber-touch. Rubberized, and very pleasant on touch, much more resistant than the previous versions, because more compact, as testified by the 20.6 mm profile. Just on the profile there is something important to notice, because the frame, at first look would seem identical to the previous one, but at the base of the handle there is a thickness of 23 mm, which becomes 20.6 in correspondence of then stems. It is a solution that has a dual purpose: to create a greater stiffness in that point and improve the grip for the two handed  with a full-size grip also in the upper part of the handle. The rest of the frame has no big news, if not the ones inside with the new “Flexfeel” fibres technology. It proposes the compact 18×20 pattern, with the last horizontal string well away from the bridge, for a better suspension of the hoop. As far as concern serigraphs, minimalism is still confirmed:  just “Blade” and “Wilson” on the stems, in silver and fluorescent green respectively, and little more. Beautiful, clean in appearance, always personal, Blade also renews the standard grip, abandoning the Sublime Grip in favour of a fuller and totally smooth Top Grip Taper, for an almost leather-like handle effect.

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