Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro

Prestige Range is now updated with Graphene 360+, the last technology evolution of Head for the stabilization of the stick, that also introduce the Spiralfibers, fibers that improve the flexibility of the stick for a better sensation to the ball impact. In the range there are many news, like Prestige MP that receive a 98 effectives inch2 headsize, or  Prestige S, that changes stems tipology and even becomes 99 inch2. However, without dubts, the most effective and complete of the new Prestige Graphene 360+ range is Prestige Pro.

Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro
Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro

Headsize 95 inch2 Weight 315 g String Pattern 16×19 Balance 31.5 mm Swingweight (strung) 329 kgcmq Stiffness 65 RA Beam 22 mm Lenght 68.6 cm

The aesthetics of Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro is the result of the new minimalist design of austrian brand, that, after many years of sticks with geometrics drawings, contrast colors, switches to a single color, a bright red, almost fluo, satin and well realized, matched with bordeaux stems, the hystoric Prestige livery. The difference between two colors is clear, with a oblique line that separate them at the middle of the core, like in the rest of Head range, that finds a modern aesthetics identity, endearing and very pleasant, despite the colors used. Others serigraphs are yellow, with some silver touch, almost inperceptible, while still in red there are the Bumper-grommets typical of Prestige range, the long cap that incorporates the grommets and like ever works for a stabilizing function for the pattern. The stick, exteriorly, is not changed, it’s similar and inspired to the previous version of Graphene Touch, with his 95 inch2, the mixed core section, boxed outside and flat inside, and the deep flares to the throat and stem attachment. Walking down to the handle, pallets are different and the shape is now regain from Speed, Extreme and Instinct course. The grip used is Head Hydrosorb Pro, quite smooth and with good traction, that however create a very generous cap. The cap, instead, hosts the housing of the Head Sensor of shots detenction, that you can purchase in aftermarket. This solution, however, imply a shorter hairpin (last section of the stick, in the extremity of the cap) than the normal, opposed from a heavier cap, but, in fact, there is a stem part less that the usual.

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