Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro

Head Gravity is an interesting line of sticks, which offers 100-inch flat sticks, but combined with classic features. The flagship Gravity range rackets are Gravity MP, Gravity Tour (click here for review) and Gravity Pro: this last represents the technical and performance culmination of the Gravity family, but probably also of the entire Head range currently available. Gravity MP and Tour share the same stick, but with different setting of weight, balance and string pattern. Gravity Pro is a different racket: thinner, fuller and significantly more solid, but intended for a different user. Let’s see its behaviour on court.

Head Gravity Pro

Head size: 100 inches2 Weight: 315 g Balance: 315 mm Swing-weight: 335 String pattern: 18 × 20 Stiffness: 62 RA (detected) Profile: 20 mm constant – boxed beam Length: 68.6 cm

The aesthetics: The aesthetics of Gravity Pro is a breaking element compared to any Head proposal, and goes beyond the minimalist concept expressed with the current sticks. The basic colour is satin black, with a line that draws the shape of the stick along the head and the shaft, but of different colour on the two racket sides. On one hand it is red, while on the other it is green water: this certainly makes the stick particular and very recognizable, but much less striking than all the other current Head proposals. The choice of two-tone may be questionable, but it is certainly a distinctive character and also a gamble: made possible and mitigated by the general sobriety of the chosen colours and the serigraphs reduced to the minimum necessary. On one of the stems, in fact, the name Gravity is reported in a “spatial” character, also taken up inside the hade, while the other stem is practically clean, with a very small Head logo horizontally and the holographic stamp of originality, the only questionable aspect. A common element with the other sticks of the brand is the asymmetrical design on the stems. This starts the coloured line from an oblique line that cuts the heart, leaving the lower part of the stems totally in black. Only the Head logo at the base of the handle keep the two different colours, red and green-water, depending on the side. From the point of view of the stem is a thin profile, just 20 millimetres, which makes the stick extremely classic in the side view. This even more because, unlike the rest of the range, here the profile is really boxed, almost in Prestige style, but with the 100 inches of the head and the 18 × 20 pattern more regular and open. The head has a rather round shape and offers a large central portion (an element that is not seen too often in Head range) but harmoniously connected to the medium-long and slightly curved stems, with a wide inclination. At the handle we find the solution with interchangeable pallets, from the TK82S series, therefore more square and less rectangular, on which the usual Hydrosorb Pro is mounted, more devoted to comfort than sensitivity. The cap is not pronounced, but the typical, abundant winding of the grip on the first pass creates a significant thickness. Should be reported that the handle cap has an elliptical opening hatch to house the Tennis Sensor Head, which is why the graphite barrel inside the handle is slightly shorter.

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