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    Miss Kyrgios

    Hi, I’m Mary for starters this is a great forum I love reading your opinions on tennis rackets they a very detailed and thorough! Can you please help me with new racket. I’m a 36 year old woman with a light build. I have struggled with tennis elbow and have just returned from a shoulder injury. I play tennis 3 times a week and compete in amature tournaments. I have always used super light rackets i have had the Wilson burn uls and babolat aeropro team gt both too rigid for my arm. I’m looking for a racket that is easy to use with good power and has to be arm friendly due to my elbow and shoulder problems. I am considering the new Ezone 100 L do you think this will be suitable for me or is it too heavy for my shoulder and elbow troubles another racket i was considering is the wilson clash 100L but i heard its a little un stable and low powered which racket would you suggest or are there others?
    Thanks so much.
    Kind regards Mary

    Amministratore del forum

    Welcome Mary, nice to ear, i always try to support tennis fans in their equipment troubles, after having had mine for a life. Someone said that the experience is based on how many mistakes you’ve done and i agree with it 😉
    So, your choice is not simple, because you have both shoulder and elbow trouble. A little more weight is good for the elbow but not for the shoulder, so we have to look for a racket not so stiff and not so heavy.
    A good choice could be a 280-285 grams with a low swinweight, but i f you want a little of power, the stik must be almost semi-stiff.
    In this range there are some interesting racket like Ezone 100L (2020 version), even if it’s a little stiff is really dampned and arm-friendly, Dunlop SX 300 LS, more spin-frienldy, or you can look at a Clash 100 295, which plays like a 280-285 grams stick. This one could be really helpful for your elbow, and not so low-powered like the UL. At the same time, we can consider some stick form Head, like Speed S or Gravity S. Gravity S has a low stiffness and a low swingweight, even if the static weight is around 285 grams, but is easily powerful with its 105 inches head size, but i don’t know if it would be nice for your (tennis)Taste. If you are looking for some more feel, those head are not the best, but the playability is great. All in all, there is some good idea even in Pro Kennex, like the Ki5 280, but only for flat shot-based game.

    Miss Kyrgios

    I totally agree that experience is based on mistakes! Thanks so much for your detailed reply it definitely has cleared a few things up in regards to my choice. As for the Pro Kennex i know they are the leaders in arm friendly rackets but i just hate the lack of feeling. I have tried the K15 260g but the oversized head doesnt convince me and in felt really unstable. As for the K5 i had a hit with this as well but i didnt feel connected to the ball it lacked feeling. I’m tending towards maybe the Yonex ezone 100 L because before injured my shoulder skiing i played a match with the 2017 model andloved the sensation it felt resonably comfortable and they say the new model is even plusher would you confirm this? I’m just worried if the 310g swingweight will be to much for my shoulder now or would you say its still considered a low weight? Ps. sorry to stress you but would you say there is a big difference in comfort from the ezone 100L and clash 100L or 100 and which would you consider a better performing racket?
    Thanks again for you help!
    Best regards

    Amministratore del forum

    310 swingweight (strung) is a low level, so, you have to consider the swingwegiht more than the weight. Ezone 100 L 2020 is a softer than tha 2017 version, absolutely, and if you have had a nice experience with tha 2017, the 2020 will be much better on the arm.
    In terms of comfort, Clash is even better, not the L version but the 100 one, but Ezone L is not so stiff and, as for the 300 grams, is comfotable and good dampened. I think that you should choose by your own taste between the two.


    Hello Guys,
    I really understand the problem becuase I have the same issue both at the elbow and the shoulder; I’m a 43 years old, I am an amateur and I play for fun only, I am not interested in tournaments or competitive activities, I started tennis 3 years ago, I’m in a good shape and I’m a single-handed backhand player and that’s my best shot so my elbow suffers a lot for that; in the last month started to crunch in the shoulder joint as after doing too much serves, and more than the crunch feel and sound there’s also some pain at the shoulde joint. For elbow the best thing that helped me is the use of powerball, buy the cheapest one on the internet and try it… great just after a little use! Now I’m playing with Prokennex Q+Tour 300 gr but I think I have to lower the weight a bit more. Then I use a devil’s claw ointment, very good for the pain relief and inflammation; then I use AGPTEK Elbow Support for Tennis and Golfer epicondylitis; so in the end I think you should do as many things as possible to fix the problem becuase only the racquet choice is important but not enough.

    THEN I ask you all: have you got some advices for the shulder issue? Now I feel crunch and pain not only after many serves, but just after some play at very low intensity… can you suggest a Pro-Kennex racquet (I prefer becuase that brand is focused on the arm friendly topic) but all racquets are ok for me it does not matter the kind of performances, the only thing that matters is the pain at the joints; I can then adapt to the racquet; I add also that mine is a full western grip… I think also that grip is very stressful for joints, don’t you? in that case I have to work also to change it towards a more classical grip, no problem in that because otherwise I will stop playing at all, and I would like to avoid it..



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