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Miss Kyrgios

I totally agree that experience is based on mistakes! Thanks so much for your detailed reply it definitely has cleared a few things up in regards to my choice. As for the Pro Kennex i know they are the leaders in arm friendly rackets but i just hate the lack of feeling. I have tried the K15 260g but the oversized head doesnt convince me and in felt really unstable. As for the K5 i had a hit with this as well but i didnt feel connected to the ball it lacked feeling. I’m tending towards maybe the Yonex ezone 100 L because before injured my shoulder skiing i played a match with the 2017 model andloved the sensation it felt resonably comfortable and they say the new model is even plusher would you confirm this? I’m just worried if the 310g swingweight will be to much for my shoulder now or would you say its still considered a low weight? Ps. sorry to stress you but would you say there is a big difference in comfort from the ezone 100L and clash 100L or 100 and which would you consider a better performing racket?
Thanks again for you help!
Best regards

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