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Welcome Mary, nice to ear, i always try to support tennis fans in their equipment troubles, after having had mine for a life. Someone said that the experience is based on how many mistakes you’ve done and i agree with it 😉
So, your choice is not simple, because you have both shoulder and elbow trouble. A little more weight is good for the elbow but not for the shoulder, so we have to look for a racket not so stiff and not so heavy.
A good choice could be a 280-285 grams with a low swinweight, but i f you want a little of power, the stik must be almost semi-stiff.
In this range there are some interesting racket like Ezone 100L (2020 version), even if it’s a little stiff is really dampned and arm-friendly, Dunlop SX 300 LS, more spin-frienldy, or you can look at a Clash 100 295, which plays like a 280-285 grams stick. This one could be really helpful for your elbow, and not so low-powered like the UL. At the same time, we can consider some stick form Head, like Speed S or Gravity S. Gravity S has a low stiffness and a low swingweight, even if the static weight is around 285 grams, but is easily powerful with its 105 inches head size, but i don’t know if it would be nice for your (tennis)Taste. If you are looking for some more feel, those head are not the best, but the playability is great. All in all, there is some good idea even in Pro Kennex, like the Ki5 280, but only for flat shot-based game.

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