Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020

Pure Aero VS is the latest racket realesed by Babolat. Even if a Pure Aero VS has been in the market for a long time, must be considered that the 2020 versione is something really different and is not like the old Aero Storm. Pure Aero VS 2020, in fact, is a brand new stick that provides more control and more feel than a Pure Aero Standard.

Babolat Pure Aero VS

Headsize 98 inch2 Weight 305 g String pattern 16×20 Balance point 315 mm Swingweight (incordata) 322 kgcmq Stifness 67 RA Beam 21-23-22 mm Lenght 68.6 cm

The aesthetics Pure Aero VS is, as mentioned, totally new in terms of shapes and colors used. The base is a metallic gray, very bright, while contrasting elements, such like the two Babolat bands at the base of the hoop, they are in yellow to emphasize belonging to the Aero world and why we will see it later. Others graphic elements, such like the name of the stick, both at the base of the handle that towards the head, are instead in silver gray with a mirror effect. The same finish is also found for the small central band, on bridge and on top, introduced for the first time with Pure Drive in 2017. The hoop it is no longer boxed beam like the previous Aero VS, now it’s a flat beam, similar to the standard model, but with a much narrower profile, that goes from 22 mm of the head to 23 mm of the shoulders, while the stems are 21. Here, the stems presented the typical forms of the Pure Aero, but thinner, both frontal and lateral. The bumper is very close to the hoop, almost skimpy, to create an aerodynamic effect, it’s very thin at the head of the frame, but exposes the two sides to the contact, because it protects above all in the central area. The grommets are made with Woofer System, but with greater depth and mainly covering the strings, while the second generation Cortex Pure Feel is inserted in the hoop, at the half and is therefore invisible from the outside. Let’s go to the handle, where there are few novelties, in fact the grip is usual and solid Syntec Pro, with Babolat logo in silver, which keeps filling the handle size, one of the most massive on the market.

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