Babolat Pure Aero VS 2020, photos and some preview from the court

There was no official announcement about it, but Pure Aero VS 2020 is arrived and it’s time to talk about it.

Pure aero vs

That VS, in Babolat range, means top quality and technic materials, as for the nice VS Gut and, most recently, for Pure Drive VS. It’s a mark of performance, expecially in terms of control, feel and connection to the ball.

Pure Aero VS 2020 shows a lot of familiarity with Pure Aero and we can talk about a downsizing of the beam, beacause the throat is made by Aeromodular section, but thinner both in the side view and in front one. The beam decreases to 22-23-21 to better enjoy a 98 squared inches head, with a flat section and an hoop not so different as seen on Pure Drive VS. But, this time, the sting pattern is a wide 16×20, in which the last strings are really near to the frame. The weight increases up to 305 grams, instead of the 295 of the 2016 version, while the stiff rating is at 70 Ra points.  Tha balance point is at 31.5 cm, almoast new for Babolat sticks.

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